Circular Strength Training  ®
Group eXercise

The World's First Club Swinging Class Designed For Group Fitness In Modern Health Clubs

CSTGX - As Seen In The Best Gyms In America

"With CSTGX, you engage more than merely your optimal physical expression. You tap into the limitless energy within you, the melding of mind, body and spirit, where all things happen effortlessly and perfectly. This psychophysiological event can only be described as flow-state - what is often called The Zone in athletics.

Most programs focus on improving fitness through exercises such as squats, lunges, presses. These linear exercises execute in only 1-2 planes. But in the real world, every physical activity demands movement in 3 dimensions.

Circular Strength Training not only includes the linear, but also develops the crucial “real world” rotary and angular/ diagonal strength to bolster the prime movers. Using my signature 3D Fitness Protocols increases stability, enhances injury prevention, multiplies force production and most importantly, stimulates the neuromuscular patterns required for fast, fluid, fitness forever." - Scott Sonnon

What People Are Saying About CSTGX

I have done the beginner disc of the CSTGX twice now and really love this workout. I have many RMAX products but I believe I like this one the best. Next to Intu-Flow®. This workout really challenges my grip and my cardio but when I am done I fell great. I don't feel tight and beat up. I actually feel energized.

I just wanted to tell everyone at RMAX what a great product I think this is, and if anyone is thinking about purchasing it, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Coach Sonnon! - Steve

I'm in love with the CSTGX program. I'm a total newbie to CST (started with Ageless Mobility® a month or two ago) and am working up to completing the full beginner workout. Just today I did the mobility warm-up, dynamic warm-up, spiral line, and yoga flow using the 5 lb Clubbells. It's a top notch production -- on par with Ageless Mobility® in quality.

Thank you, thank you thank you to Coach Sonnon and everyone at RMAX involved in its creation. I really think this program will be key to my recovery and getting back into more of the activities I enjoy. - Sarah

I, too, love this DVD (well, two). Coach Sonnon has again done us health-first fitness practitioners a great service. Here is the essence of CST, the whole shebang. - Kevin Lee Dougherty

CST GX is a fantastic program, I love it!!! - Joseph Schwartz, CST

I have been doing the CSTG since I received the program and as always Coach and RMAX have created a great program that is lots of fun to work with. I find it flexes well to various timeframes and energy levels. More time – more reps or more time doing each exercise (that’s the method I have been using). It can be a low intensity or high intensity depending on the time and speed used in each exercise. So a very versatile program.

But it is more than that. I personal love the thought that goes into the RMAX products. My approach to my martial arts gives me an appreciation for great strategy. CSTG = Circular Strength Training® Group Exercise. While I find this a terrific program for myself to work on the key words are "Group Exercise."

If you think of leading a group of folk through this workout, you can see the strategy used to design it for this very purpose. Even though it is done with Clubbells, the movements take little footprint and the swing is controlled. This would be important to leading a group of lined up people. The small footprint would allow a larger class size. The strategic control of the use of the Clubbells allows for a safe workout.

Hats off to Coach and RMAX for not only putting out another wonderful personal training product, but a strategically great one for group training – humm just like the name. - Rick Wilson